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02 August 2021 - COVID19 update -We are currently closed due to our proximity to listed exposure sites. We do not wish to increase risk to our clients or staff at this time. In case of emergency you can call 0424240929 or please contact us via the MAKE APPOINTMENT button as we will routinely check our email.

** We will be open for collections and emergencies from 11am this SATURDAY until 1pm.

Craig is therapeutically endorsed, so we can provide a script for medicated eye drops to treat many conditions. AN APPOINTMENT IS NEEDED.

At Hawkeneyes Optometrist we love providing the best eyewear and eye care we can for you. That means when you need something a little bit out of the ordinary or bespoke, we will do everything we can to make it happen.

Craig and Joanne have over 40 years combined experience between them in optometry. Much of this was spent working in the UK and travelling to Europe which has given them a taste for the more exotic and eclectic eyewear that we love to provide.

Meeting the optical needs of you and your family, from infants to grandparents, is a priority for us. Please come in and see for yourself!
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