Bulk Billing, Health Funds & More

Bulk Billing

Hawkeneyes Optometrist is a bulk billing practice for all valid holders of an Australian medicare card. If you are eligible for a service, as defined by Medicare Australia, bulk billing means that you will not be out of pocket for the eye testing carried out.

Not all services are covered by Medicare.  To find out more about what Medicare covers click here

This means that there may be private fee’s applied that fall outside of the medicare billing schedule. When this is the case we will give you and explanation before proceeding with any such services.

Health Funds

We can claim for you directly from most health funds, to contribute to your purchases of prescription classes and contact lenses.
All health funds have varying rebates which can be quite confusing. What this means to you is that you may receive glasses or contact lenses with no out of pocket expense, but you may also be left with a gap amount to pay to us. This will depend on the fund that you are with and the level of cover that you have chosen with that fund.

Promise Times

The time that your glasses take to be completed varies greatly depending on the type of lenses that we ultimately chose with you, and in some cases the frames that we are using. This can be explained to you at the time you see us. In some cases we can have glasses done overnight, but more complex customized glasses like progressive lens and rimless frames may take up to 2weeks or so. However, we do always endeavor to have your glasses back to you as soon as possible.

Most contact lens orders can be with us the next day, and we do carry a couple of varieties in stock, so you may not have to wait at all.

MASS and Veterans

Hawkeneyes is one of a few practices in the area that still offers the supply of glasses to pensioners and concession card holders through the MASS spectacle supply scheme.

Holders of a gold Veterans (DVA) card are also entitled to a supply of glasses.

DVA Glasses   There may be restrictions on the supply of both of these services, and these are subject to prior approval.