Eye health, repairs and environment

Eye health is important

The health of your eyes and general wellbeing is a priority for us at Hawkeneyes optometrists. We are your local and convenient primary eye care health providers. As optometrists we are trained to diagnose, advise on and sometimes treat certain conditions of the eye. If needed, we will also refer you directly to an ophthalmologist for the appropriate management.

There are many conditions such as diabetes, glaucoma and macular degeneration that can affect your eyesight, among others. Optometrists are well placed and trained to detect these. We have specialized equipment and skills to do this. It is worth having your eyes tested routinely, to ensure that things are all well with your eyes. Normally every two years is enough, unless you are otherwise advised by the optometrist that you have seen.

As well as the health of your eyes, our other task is to provide you with advice and tools to give you the most comfortable and efficient vision for your specific needs. This may be in the form of glasses or contact lenses, but may also just mean some tips and advice on what to expect with your eyesight. We are happy to chat and impart our knowledge.

Repairs don’t despair

If your glasses are broken, don’t despair or dispose, bring them to us. We may be able to fix them and have them working in no time at all. We carry an extensive range of small spare parts that often will do the job. If not we can often have them repaired by a specialized mechanic. It is amazing what can be saved. It is always worth asking to see what we can do. Please drop by.

Environmental approach

At Hawkeneyes optometrist we endeavor to keep our environmental footprint to a minimum. From recycling our printer paper to encouraging you to reuse old frames when appropriate, we care about this. We also want you to have the best quality product that you can afford, to last a good life, and not to be replaced unnecessarily.

If you do wish to use an old frame, we are more than happy to help you with this. We will advise you on whether the frames in question are appropriate for your optical lens needs.